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Y Guy


I created this character for a New Media Production and Design (NMPD) recruiting project. He was the tour guide for the user, taking them through all the content. His name, Y Guy, comes from the fact that the users are asking the question “Why?” Why should I join this program? Why should I be interested in New Media? And so on. So, Y Guy represents the answer to all of these questions. These were some of the early concepts for this character.

This is the final design that my team and I decided on using.

Y Guy was always on the screen to guide users through the whole app. Originally we played with having an icon layout, but then we decided that having a room using objects as the buttons was more engaging to the user. Each of the objects in the room are also quite like characters as well. They each represent a part of the NMPD course. For example; web, or film, or game creation. Even though they do not have a personality persae, I believe it is still important for them to have some sort of character.

Final Work:

Programs Used:

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