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Timber Peak Promotion

Storyboard and Sketching:

I wanted to create a promotional ad for a camping company. Using Raku as the mascot I planned to incorporate a story and some educational purpose as well.

The company, Timber Peak, is a fictional company but I still wanted to take the time to create a logo design for them.


I chose to use a low poly style for this project. It helps the audience focus on the information and appears more fun to my target audience; young families.

I started with the character modeling. I researched many techniques during this time because it was my first time modeling something this complicated.

I also modeled some assets that I could use in the background of my scenes, as well as items that could be interacted with by the character.

Mapping and rigging the character was completely new to me. But I enjoyed painting the model.


I tried to keep the animation interesting, but simple so that, once again, the audience could focus on the information.

Greatest Struggle:

My greatest struggle was creating the fire. I tried three different styles before finally deciding to create it in After Effects after rendering the 3D animation.

Final Work:

Programs Used:

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